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The environment used for this guide

  • A 64-Bit Intel Core i5 Laptop, 8Gb Ram.
  • Ubuntu 11.10 Maverick AMD64 (The “host”)
  • VirtualBox
  • Access from host running VirtualBox only (so useful for development/proof of concept)

The proposed environment

  • Proxmox “Public” Network:
  • Proxmox “Private” Network:
  • Host has access to its own LAN, separate to this on...

Ubuntu 9.04 vs Windows 7 Energy consumption test

“The Ubuntu computer uses 15% less energy”


There was some discussions in our office about the consumption of electricity by computers using different OSes.

No real conclusion was given during the conversations and no evidence or tests were found, so my boss decided to run to the electronics store and purchase a couple of electronic meters to once and for all prove what OS...