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The environment used for this guide

  • A 64-Bit Intel Core i5 Laptop, 8Gb Ram.
  • Ubuntu 11.10 Maverick AMD64 (The “host”)
  • VirtualBox
  • Access from host running VirtualBox only (so useful for development/proof of concept)

The proposed environment

  • Proxmox “Public” Network:
  • Proxmox “Private” Network:
  • Host has access to its own LAN, separate to this on...

A while ago we noticed log messages on one of the servers that a hard drive was going bad. The logs showed errors reading certain sectors of one of the drives in a software RAID-1 volume. Here’s how we went about diagnosing the faulty drive and replaced it.


The server has several Linux software RAID (mdraid) volumes and the drives are connected to the server’s onboard Intel AHCI SATA controller. The Intel chipset and the Linux AHCI driver provides hot-swap...