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Testautomation för WebApplikationer – Selenium

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Paul Arcombe,
Certified ISTQB Foundation SoftwareTester,
Örestad-Linux, Malmö

Detta utkast är starten på ett projekt inom Test Automatisering, där vi undersöker testverktyget Selenium och dess möjligheter inom webapplicerad testautomatisering. Selenium används i denna studie tillsammans med JAVA och JUnit i en...

Ubuntu 9.04 vs Windows 7 Energy consumption test

“The Ubuntu computer uses 15% less energy”


There was some discussions in our office about the consumption of electricity by computers using different OSes.

No real conclusion was given during the conversations and no evidence or tests were found, so my boss decided to run to the electronics store and purchase a couple of electronic meters to once and for all prove what OS...

Hi, it’s Sami again, this time we will be setting up a 3 line ISP connection on our squid server.
This is intended for static routing only. We are working on setting it up dynamically.
As usual we will be using debian 5 (Lenny). Although this is not a fresh install! We are continuing our squid install for SSWC.

First of all install iproute2 since it is not in base.

apt-get install...

Transparent proxy running cache on ramdisk.

Hi my name is Sami.
This is my first blog post so it might not make sense at all to some.

We wanted to run a transparent proxy for the SSWC event here in Sweden.
What we ended up with was pretty nice actually.

So, we started with installing squid and dhcp3-server on a new machine.
We are using a fresh install of debian 5 (Lenny)