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Modified lemp stack with Mariadb instead and hhvm with php5-fmp as fallback and SSL
We call this project for the hipsterwebbstack
We will assume you have a Linux system up and running and this guide assumes its Ubuntu 14.04 we choose yo use the latest LTS of Ubuntu because of newer packages in the main repository.
Start with installing software-properties-common since we will be adding a few extra repositories

apt-get install...

After the success of being able to monitor ODBC connections with the help of Nagios we thought about how we could monitor the log files from a virus scanner with Nagios and get a mail if it finds something in the scan of the system so that we don’t have to check the log files manually to see if it finds something.

We choose to use ClamAV for the task of being the virus scanner and configured it to run during the weekend when there is not to much load on the server so it wont...

The following is a short description about our investigation into cross platform Nagios monitoring specifically monitoring of ODBC connections in a Windows 2008 R2 with a Nagios installation on a Debian system, not going to go into every little detain in this post just be basics.

Lets first start by describing the case a bit.
A Windows program that uses ODBC connections to external sources to get data, normally no...